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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sheer Elegance Card - Tattered Lace Blog Challenge

Tattered Lace Blog Challenge - Elegance
Card One
So as you know I have been suffering with a creative block of which Tattered Lace is the medicine. I am very much enjoying there blog challenges. Please see if you would like to take part.
I have treated myself AGAIN!!! to some new Tattered Lace Dies, a couple of which can be seen in this sample. Specifically, I have bought the new Thames Die Set and the Butterfly set.
I have a special liking for cards that only have a couple colours, sometimes I think they are more powerful that cards with lots of colour.
In the above card I have used the panel die that came free with Tattered Laces most recent magazines, which I must say is absolutely fabulous. The cars itself is pretty self explanatory.
There are a couple of Birthday's coming up at work, so I think this is where this card will go. I think I may have found myself yet another buyer population to - YAY!!!!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Tatty Twinkle

As I have stated in a previous post. I have been suffering from a little craft card block. As a result I haven't been making loads of cards. I have been looking at other peoples blogs, reading tattered lace magazines and looking for inspiration. I then saw a tattered lace facebook post that they were looking for people to join Tatty Twinkles design team. I felt inspired by this and for the next 3 days I worked on the above card and I have to say I am very proud of it.

Tatty Twinkle is very new to Tattered Lace and I think she can go far.

For this card I have used:
Tatty Twinkle stamp
Create and Crafts Topsy Turvey Card (A MUST)
Tattered Lace Flower Die and words
Tattered Lace Blinging Gems
EK Success Butterfly Punch
Spellbinder Die

THE CRAFT ROOM - and the rest of the house

 As promised I have attached a picture of my craft room. Please keep in mind that it is still early days and I plan to do a bit more to it (e.g. a bit of paint, some pictures and some lovely curtains) Does anybody a few suggestions about what makes a fabulous craft room. All my magnetic sheets have been attached to the inside of my cupboard doors, so they give it easy access to all of my tattered lace dies :-)

and the rest of the house...



Saturday, 12 July 2014

Crafty Apologies

Good morning fellow crafters, crafty apologies for the lack of posts and pictures. I have been super busy with the house move. However, I am all settled in now and things can get back to a little bit of normality (e.g. crafting). I will post some pictures of the house shortly because I am dying to show off my craft room. Its not finished yet, because I am going to have some fun decorating it. It can be the space where I go a little wild so to speak.
Given the stress of moving, I only had the time to make cards that had been specifically requested from me or cards that I needed to make myself.
 This is the card I made for my dad on Fathers Day. I used Tattered Lace (shock horror) Kensington and Bottle Die, I think its their word dies to. The embellishments I had in my own crafty stash. Although I have been crafting for a good year now, I am beginning to learn the true importance of matt a layering. Cards do not tend to look very good without it. Plus, I think you have to be careful with what colours you are matt and layering to, as this is going to change the focus of the card.
 I made this card for my cousins father for father days. As you can see not have I only matt and layered around the card, I have mat and layered around the letters which I feel adds a little something extra. From what I am aware, Orange and Blue are really hot colours in the crafting world at the moment. I am also quite liking pink and green.
This is a little special and I am very happy with how this turned out. My friend - Amy, requested a card for her nan. I have never made a card like this and I love it.

Recently, I feel that I have hit a crafty block. My cards feel like they are all coming out a bit samey. Have you ever had this? I have been getting a lot of inspiration from other peoples cards, which I have found online and also I have been doing some of the projects in the tattered lace magazines. Since doing this, I have been trying to pick up new techniques, my cards have been taking longer, they do not always work out but I feel like I'm getting there.

Given the inspiration I am getting from others. I am thinking of dedicating a weekly or monthly post to pictures of cards made by others that have really grabbed my attention. I feel that people should get credit for the beautiful cards that they make.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Crafty Weekends

I got the idea for this card out of the Tattered Lace magazine. The card mainly consist of mat, and layering. I have also used the rose flourish tattered lace die. This card is for my mum in the attempt to put a smile on her face when I move out. You would think me moving out would put a smile on her face anyway but I think a part of her is dreading it. One thing I do know she is looking forward to is getting her kitchen back.  I have pretty much furnished a entire house and it is currently also sitting in my poor mums kitchen. I has a double mattress delivered today - don't ask.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Moving House and Thankyou Cards

Good afternoon crafters, I hope you are all feeling well. As you are aware I am going to be moving house soon! I have now exchanged contracts, agreed a completion date and lost all my money!!!!! However, I am so excited about finally having a home of my own.

There have been so many people that have helped me get to where I am in the house buying process right now. For instance, my mums friend Jackie has given me the most beautiful coffee machine, curtains and a table cloth, the above card you see is for her. I got the idea from one of my tattered lace magazines. I have created a kind of patchwork background by using the tattered lace papers you get with the magazine. I think they are approximately 4cm by 4cm each. I have them mat, layered and embossed a square for the embellishments. To add a little extra luxury I have heat embossed clear embossing powder to make the square look glossy, this will also seal the material. I have finished by adding a few embellishments that I bought from Coleman's.

The above card is going to be for my mortgage advisor, Mr Tom James from Quordorn Mortgages. He was unbelievably helpful and responded to everyone of my anxious emails. I'm not sure I could have secured my mortgage without him. I advise everyone to seek the support of a mortgage advisor when attempting to secure a mortgage, I would not want to fill in a mortgage application in my myself :-(

The above card follows the same style as the previous. However this one is bigger, uses a different colour scheme and is hopefully a little more male friendly. I apologise to all you men out there but you are much more difficult to make cards for. To this card I have also added the new cabin tattered lace die and some ribbon. I hope you like it.

This card is a little different - It is very tattered lace orientated as you can see. I have used the rose flourish die, which comes free with one of the tattered lace magazines. I have also used the new camper van die. This die always makes me think of Sarah Bell who once told me should would love to go travelling in a 1970's camper vans. I am loving the new days out die collection by tattered lace, especially the fair ground dies - I will show you them soon I promise. Finally I have also used the Kensington die .

I ATTEMPTED to tell a little story with this card the camper van has actually been placed upon a map of the world and the sunset paper is supposed to symbolise travelling and going off into the sunset.

I will probably give this card to Jake because he has said he will help me move house - PLEASE HELP ME MOVE HOUSE!!!!!! Maybe I should make a card saying this to.

Here a Tatty Twinkle card which I made for Nikki Rainbow our manager at Integrated Care who is abandoning us :-(

I really like this card - Its so simple! I made it with Luke O'Neil in mind because he gives really good cuddles. I think this makes quite a could mans card. I did your everyday mat and layering (crafters will know what I mean by this). I used the tattered lace champagne bottle die, also free with one of their magazines. The words were given to me as a freebie from create and craft for being a member of their club.

Stay tuned for more Thank you cards because I have a lot of people to thank. I have started providing envelopes, inserts with the cards that I sell and I have also started providing them in professional plastic wallets so that they look more professional. All I need now is a stamp to say that they were made by me :-)

If anyone has any crafty questions, suggestions or artistic ideas please let me know.

Have a happy crafternoon xxxxxxx

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Some Crafty Ideas :-)

Hello Crafters :-)

You will be happy to know that last week I was finally able to do some crafting. Dont you just love bank holidays.

As you know I have been thinking about what crafts I could do for my new house and this is the first thing I thought off. Its my very own craft room sign! I have used the beautiful Santoro's Simply Gorgeous Decoupage Card Toppers. These designs have a stricter Angel Policy so Instead of selling them I have decided to keep them all for me. Happy Days! I

A sign for my bedroom

A simple Card

I have found a new love - As you know I love Tattered Lace Dies. However Tattered Lace have now bought out a new stamp range with Miss Tatty Twinkle, isnt she cute and she makes really lovely cards! I cant wait for them to bring out some more, they go really well the tattered lace dies to.

And another.

Friday, 18 April 2014


Good Morning Crafters

Firstly let me begin be apologising for the lack of comments recently. Secondly, let me explain, I bought a house a few weeks ago and it has completely over taken my life! Its very exciting and terrifying at the same time. Trouble is - with emotions such as these it is not easy to be patient and I am currentyly waiting for survey reports, contract drafts, searches and mortgage applications. I wanted to be in the house in 4 weeks but I do not think this is going to happen.

In terms of crafts, cards have been but on the sidelines. Instead, I have been beuilding furniture lol. For instance, I have built a cookcase, a tv stand, a coffee table, side tables, a shoe rack and a BBQ to die for. I have to say excluding the BBQ which was an utter pain in the bottom to build, I have really enjoyed building furniture.

I cant wait to have a craft room of my very own and to come up with a creative theme for the room itself. I am thinking of pink and duck egg blue with a birds and black cats theme. I have bought some wall art with some cats trying to catch birds around a lamp post and a quote saying ''a house is not a home without a cat'' lol (so true in my opinion). Of course, I have sat the cats down to explain that they will have more room to run around soon and a little pretty garden to play in - they dont seem impressed.

Given that its the easter break I have indeed do some craft preparation. For instance, I have been having a stamping and die cut session. So I may have a few samples for you soon, I will also be thinking of some house decorations that I could potentially make - Do you have any ideas?

Also, as you know I have two obsessions - cats and tattered lace. In regards to tattered lace, they have bought out a new blog challenge -

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Comment on my Blog and I will send one person a Card!!!!

Well my fellow crafters,

Its starting to get a little lonely writing on my blog and getting no comments.

Go on...Join in with me.

I can see that lots of people are viewing the page - oh yes it tells me.

So please leave a comment when you take a peak.

To motivate you....For everyone that comments - I will put your names in a hat (or something like a hat) and I will send one lucky winner one of my cards. I think this sounds fair dont you? Be aware that whoever wins will have to private message me there address some how.

Commenting on my page over facebook does not count - you have to leave the comment on this blog specifically.

Becky x x x


Just call me the CRAFTINATOR!!!!

Helllooooo - two posts over two days, how I spoil you! :-)

I don't know if I have mentioned before, but I have always been a big scrapbooking fan :-) So my latest project is an art and craft scrap book. How did this idea come about I here you ask, well, let me tell you.....

Over the past few months my crafty stash of goodies (e.g. stamps, dies, pens, glitter etc etc) has become huge, so hug in fact that I need another room or two. All this is good but I am starting to get a little frustrated when crafting because I make SUCH A MESS! and this is coming from a girl who tends to be very neat and tidy. I have so much stuff that I do not know wat to use. Thus, I have put examples of each product in my scrapbook so that I can look at it for inspiration.

In addition...Sometimes I find that I make something I really like and then resent having to give it away :-( So now...if this is to happen again, I can remake it and stick it in my scrap book.

Do any of you have a scrapbook or something similar to this?

All I did was buy a plain balck scrapbook from paperchase (I LOVE PAPERCHASE!!!!) and I have made my own front page....

I love the olive green colour at the moment, and can you spot my beautiful tattered lace cat dies.

Well yesterday I made a couple of New Baby cards for one of my work colleagues Bev.

 I bought myself a big decoupage book, because I find it really relaxing to sit down, watch a series (I am currently rewatching Buffy The Vampire Slayor) and cut things out :-) Actually this is what I plan to do today for a while. Anyways - the babies on both of these cards are decoupage. I have also used my new diamond snow glitter on the above card which I am in love with - you can make something glittery without covering up an image!!!!

Now I am not going to lie - this card took forever. I find it soooo much easier to make girl cards. However, I am really happy with how this card turned out.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

I Craft So Hard I Sweat Glitter!!!

Good Morning Fellow Crafters - ITS THE WEEKEND!!!!

So I wanted to show you some of my latest creations, I hope you like them.....would love to know what you all think, good, bad, neutral - Any advise would be greatly appreciated as I am still learning.

Well lets begin with the Mother's Day card that I made for my own Mummy. I am very proud of this card because it appears to have received alot of attention. For instance, the lovely Stephanie Weightman herself shared my card on her facebook page. Stephanie designs tattered lace dies, which I currenlty have an obsession with (as you can see from the card), she is soooo talented and a great crafter, so it was a huge surprise to see that she had shared this card. Furthermore, a friend of mine from work saw this card and asked me to make another one for her - Yay!!! a second customer other than my mum :-) The one thing I would change about this card looking at it now is that I would have done a bit more mat and layering - maybe some black mirror card between the matt black and the red mirror? However, I love the two colour theme that this card has going on and I may try this a bit more.

Next I here you say......
This is the Mother's Day card my mum has bought for her mum - I can always rely on my mum to buy my cards because I make her :-) I have just realised that this to has a two coloure theme going on. Plus, a whole lot of tattered lace. It appears that I have a crafting style :-) The picture in the middle is actually a stamped image which I have coloured in with Spectrum Noirs. I have to admit stamping is one technique that has took me AGES to learn. Especially, when you want to emboss the stamped image with embossing powder. I know now that to do all of this successfully, you need the right equipment. For example, you will need an anti static bag, versermark ink, embossing powder, a proper heating element (not a hair dryer) and good quality card stock. Also, I find that the best results come from heating the image from behind not from the front. People that have tried this technique before will know what I am going on about. I will post some example of my embossing soon :-) I may even to a step by step guide if people want me to???

I am also enjoying using my spectrum noirs, but I am still learning how to use these...Any advise???

And another I here you say....

Same kind of theme going on. However, this time I have used some Hunkydory Toppers. Nobody has bought this card yet, but mum has a friend round tonight so maybe just maybe :-) I will supply her with wine lol.

Bit of a different one here - This is the card that I have made for Evie Bears Christening. Isnt she just beautiful. There is a clock in the top right hand corner, which I have now put her time of birth in.

Finally, I would like to show you a couple more of my stamped images that I have coloured in with spectrum noirs.