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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Some Crafty Ideas :-)

Hello Crafters :-)

You will be happy to know that last week I was finally able to do some crafting. Dont you just love bank holidays.

As you know I have been thinking about what crafts I could do for my new house and this is the first thing I thought off. Its my very own craft room sign! I have used the beautiful Santoro's Simply Gorgeous Decoupage Card Toppers. These designs have a stricter Angel Policy so Instead of selling them I have decided to keep them all for me. Happy Days! I

A sign for my bedroom

A simple Card

I have found a new love - As you know I love Tattered Lace Dies. However Tattered Lace have now bought out a new stamp range with Miss Tatty Twinkle, isnt she cute and she makes really lovely cards! I cant wait for them to bring out some more, they go really well the tattered lace dies to.

And another.

Friday, 18 April 2014


Good Morning Crafters

Firstly let me begin be apologising for the lack of comments recently. Secondly, let me explain, I bought a house a few weeks ago and it has completely over taken my life! Its very exciting and terrifying at the same time. Trouble is - with emotions such as these it is not easy to be patient and I am currentyly waiting for survey reports, contract drafts, searches and mortgage applications. I wanted to be in the house in 4 weeks but I do not think this is going to happen.

In terms of crafts, cards have been but on the sidelines. Instead, I have been beuilding furniture lol. For instance, I have built a cookcase, a tv stand, a coffee table, side tables, a shoe rack and a BBQ to die for. I have to say excluding the BBQ which was an utter pain in the bottom to build, I have really enjoyed building furniture.

I cant wait to have a craft room of my very own and to come up with a creative theme for the room itself. I am thinking of pink and duck egg blue with a birds and black cats theme. I have bought some wall art with some cats trying to catch birds around a lamp post and a quote saying ''a house is not a home without a cat'' lol (so true in my opinion). Of course, I have sat the cats down to explain that they will have more room to run around soon and a little pretty garden to play in - they dont seem impressed.

Given that its the easter break I have indeed do some craft preparation. For instance, I have been having a stamping and die cut session. So I may have a few samples for you soon, I will also be thinking of some house decorations that I could potentially make - Do you have any ideas?

Also, as you know I have two obsessions - cats and tattered lace. In regards to tattered lace, they have bought out a new blog challenge -