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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Comment on my Blog and I will send one person a Card!!!!

Well my fellow crafters,

Its starting to get a little lonely writing on my blog and getting no comments.

Go on...Join in with me.

I can see that lots of people are viewing the page - oh yes it tells me.

So please leave a comment when you take a peak.

To motivate you....For everyone that comments - I will put your names in a hat (or something like a hat) and I will send one lucky winner one of my cards. I think this sounds fair dont you? Be aware that whoever wins will have to private message me there address some how.

Commenting on my page over facebook does not count - you have to leave the comment on this blog specifically.

Becky x x x



  1. Your awesome at arts and crafts and put so much detail in them. Shall look forward to my birthday card :D cheeky cuz I am

  2. I will put June 25th in my diary lol. You might be getting one sooner than that if know one else comments lol. I gonna give everyone til next friday. Thanks for taking a look hun xxx

  3. Yes Roo, you will be definately getting one sooner. I will put your card in the post soon xxx