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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Make your own games continued....

After of the success of the Scrabble game, I asked my friends what else I could potentially make. It was at this point that Uno was suggested. Thanks Jen :-)

This game was soooooo EASY to make! Basically cut out 108 identical rectangular pieces of card to whatever size you like. To be entirely honest - I ran out of card and was only able to do approximately 85 cards. Luckily, I was still able to play the game successfully with seven people. Thus, please do not worry if you run out of card. You need 4 different coloured felt tip pens. As you can see I used red, yellow, green and blue - however I would not say that this is a requirement.

For the skip ago card, the reverse direction card, and pick up two card I created two cards for each colour. In other words, there were 8 of each card in total. I also drew easy symbols and wrote on the card what the symbol meant (This is good for people that have never played Uno before). Due to the fact that I ran out of card I only did  6 wild cards in total. However, you are supposed to have 8 but like I said, I would not worry too much about this. There are two types of wild cards, one wild card allows you to call the colour you want everyone to play, and the other also allows you to do this but also requires the next person to pick up 4 cards. Finally, create 2 sets of 0-9 cards in each colour.

A couple of nights ago I went round my friends house for a Christmas party. I took these Uno cards with me, and then went down a real treat. I totally suggest making a set.

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