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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Make you own games for New Years Day

Hi Everyone :-)

A few weeks ago I had this ingenious idea to make my own games to play with friends and family over the Christmas period. The idea came to me when wandering around John Lewis trying to find Scrabble. I found the game but was shocked to discover that it was £50. Thinking back to all the materials I had at home, I decided to ATTEMPT to make the game myself.

To make the base I cut out 2 pieces of cardboard (30cm by 30cm) and stuck them together with double sided tape. I then stuck white card on the base. You need to have 15 squares upon each row and 15 rows in total. Basically its a 15 by 15 grid of squares. The squares need to be identical. Thus, I measured each box as 2cm by 2cm. With different coloured pens you need to create double letter scores, double word scores, triple letter scores and finally triple word scores. Voila - you have a Scrabble board.

To make the Letters I cut out 1.5cm by 1.5 cm squares from card. I stuck two of these 1.5cm by 1.5cm together using doubled sided tape (every crafter needs loads of double sided tape), by doing this you make them 3D and much more sturdy.

I did three of each consonant and each vowel. However, my friends and I discovered very fast that this was wrong! After a lovely evening of G&Ts and playing Scrabble, we were struggling to make words because we all had consonant and no vowels :-/ Thus, with a little help from my friends I decided to do 6 of each consonant. The game is a little easier now. I put all the words in a little bag - which I am ashamed to say that I did not make! I will make a little box for them soon I promise. I also make my own letter stands by folding a couple pieces of card together

As you can probably all tell - I am no expert at crafting (I am a beginner), this is probably demonstrated in my over simplistic instructions that probably make no sense. However, if you have any questions please get in touch.

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